The Rustic Helvetian Hideaway has everything you need for a cozy Appalachian getaway. Now available the shop for a limited time.

ItemAtom Price
Rustic Helvetian Hideaway Bundle1800
Maul Ally Bundle1500
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. C.A.M.P. Bundle1800
Rustic Helvetian C.A.M.P. Kit700
Rustic Helvetian C.A.M.P. Porch Kit500
Hand Carved Skin (Black Powder Rifle)500
Lite Ally: Maul1200
Scent-o-matic Perfume Dispenser500
Exercise Bike500

The Rustic Helvetian Hideaway includes:

  • Rustic Helvetian C.A.M.P. Kit
  • Rustic Helvetian Porch Kit
  • Helvetia Window Door
  • Helvetia Dresser
  • Helvetia Nightstand
  • Helvetia Beside Lamp
  • Red Tartan Curtains
  • Hand Carved Blackpowder Rifle Paint

Maul Ally Bundle includes:

  • Maul
  • Mean Green Pose
  • Super Mutant Paint (Super Sledge)
  • Super Mutant Backpack

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. C.A.M.P. Bundle includes:

  • Weight Bench
  • Radiation Glove Box
  • Exercise Bike
  • Scent-o-matic Perfume Dispenser
  • Mechanical Derby Game
  • Antique Speed Bag
  • Fortune Teller Machine

These featured offers are available for a limited time.

ItemAtom Price
Outside in Helvetia Bundle1500
Rustic Barbershop Bundle1500
Root Cellar Bundle2000
Modern Home Kitchen Bundle1800
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Classic Bedroom Bundle1800
Root Cellar Shelter1500
Helvetian Fence Set500
Wall Vines Set500

The Outside in Helvetia Bundle includes:

  • Helvetian Fence Set
  • Helvetia Wooden Door
  • Helvetian Lodge Sign
  • Helvetian Window Canopy
  • Swiss Flower Cart
  • Daffodil Arrangement
  • Tulip Arrangement
  • Seasonal Elm Trees

The Rustic Barbershop Bundle includes:

  • Barber's Chair
  • Barbershop Pole Light
  • Checkered Circles Linoleum Floor and Foundations
  • White Wallpaper
  • Open and Closed Sign
  • Vault-Tec Locker Bay
  • Mr. Rocket Kiddie Ride
  • Mr. Fuzzy Kiddie Ride

The Root Cellar Bundle includes:

  • Ritual Votive Stand
  • Coffin Stash Box
  • Worm Farm
  • Vines Set


LHERO BattleScarred 1920x870

Some of last week’s items are still available for a limited time.

ItemAtom Price
Utility Room Bundle (Fallout 1st)2000 1200 (40% off!)
Down Home Comfort Bundle1500 900 (40% off!)
Down Home Dweller Bundle1000 600 (40% off!)
Battle-Scarred Bundle2000 1400 (30% off!)
Brotherhood Reclaimed Deluxe Bundle2400 1680 (30% off!)
Whitespring Garage Sale Bundle1800 1260 (30% off!)
Framed Paintings CAMP Bundle1200 840 (30% off!)
Pit Boss bundle (Fallout 1st)1500 1200 (20% off!)
Welcome, Earthlings! Bundle (Fallout 1st)1800 1440 (20% off!)


LHERO DriveInDolly

Some of our favorite items have returned to the shop for a limited time. Each item listed below is available until 12:00 p.m. ET on March 26.

ItemAtom Price
Drive-in Dolly Bundle1400 980 (30% off!)
Corvega C.A.M.P. Bundle1200 840 (30% off!)
Hotter Rod Bundle1500 1050 (30% off!)
SamurEye Power Armor Paint1500 750 (50% off!)
Complete Chaos Power Armor Paint1200 600 (50% off!)
Slocum's Joe Vending Machine Paint Set500 250 (50% off!)
Cash Register Vending Machine500 250 (50% off!)
Chrome Paint (Minigun)400 200 (50% off!)
Wooden Inlay Lever Action Rifle Paint500 250 (50% off!)


LHero City Food Truck Bundle

Some existing items are heading out of the Atomic Shop and into the Vault this week. Be sure to pick up anything that catches your eye, because these items will only be available until 12:00 p.m. ET on March 26.

ItemAtom price
Neighborhood Square Shelter1800 1350 (25% off!)
City Food Truck Bundle1800
City Park Performance Bundle1500
Queue Barrier400
Big Fred's Trailer700
Lunchbox x401000 800 (20% off!)
Repair Kit x401000 800 (20% off!)
S.C.O.R.E. Booster x7500 400 (20% off!)

The City Food Truck Bundle includes:

  • Big Fred's Trailer
  • Black BBQ Grill
  • Silver BBQ Grill
  • Street Corner Salesman
  • Nuka-Cola Cask Stool
  • Nuka-Cola Patio Set
  • Right this Way Cappy Statues
  • Butcher Cutting Board
  • Pots and Pans Rack

The City Park Performance Bundle includes:

  • Classic Performance Stage
  • Hambone Stool
  • Resonator Guitar
  • Xylophone
  • Turnstile
  • Queue Barrier
  • Canoe Bench
  • Wavy Willard's Fake Boulder Set


LHero Fallout1st Quentinos Saxophone

Play away the blues with the Quentino’s Saxophone, free for all Fallout 1st Members until April 2.

Perfect for Spring, get the Cornflower Blue Wallpaper free for all players until March 26!

ItemAvailable Until
Quentino’s SaxophoneApril 2
Cornflower Blue WallpaperMarch 26

Visit the Atomic Shop on these days to claim a different reward, like consumables, in-game currencies, and more. Each of the items below is available until 12:00 p.m. ET the following day.

ItemAvailable on
Nuka-Cola TwistMarch 19
Carry Weight BoosterMarch 20
LunchboxMarch 21
Scrap KitMarch 22
Vault-Tec Supply Package (Level 2)March 23
LunchboxMarch 24
Repair KitMarch 25


Check out the daily deals this week in the Atomic Shop! Each of the items below is available until 12:00 p.m. ET the following day.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Giddyup Buttercup Rocking Horse (Fallout 1st)500 250 (50% off!)March 19March 26
Clean Bathroom Bundle (Fallout 1st)1800 1350 (25% off!)March 19March 26
Mothman Cultist Tripod Altar250 125 (50% off!)March 19March 20
Giddy-Up Buttercup Ride500 250 (50% off!)March 20March 21
Enclave Light Machine Gun Paint500 250 (50% off!)March 21March 22
Mothman Bed300 150 (50% off!)March 22March 23
Mothman Egg in a Jar250 125 (50% off!)March 23March 24
Samurai Sword (Sword)700 350 (50% off!)March 24March 25
Blue Ridge Power Armor Paint1200 600 (50% off!)March 25March 26


Ranger Armor

Some of our favorite items have returned to the shop for Fallout 1st Members.

ItemAtom Price
Fallout 1st Quarter Bundle 91000
Fallout 1st 2023 Yearly Catch Up4000
Ranger Armor OutfitFREE with Fallout 1st
ScrapboxFREE with Fallout 1st
Ammo Storage BoxFREE with Fallout 1st
Emote - SetFREE with Fallout 1st
Player Icon - SetFREE with Fallout 1st

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